Qantas Check-in Kiosk and Bag Drop – Sydney Airport

How to Mobile Check In and Bag Drop
1. Go to the Kiosk, input your E-ticket and scan passport
2. Boarding pass gets printed out
3. Go to Bag Drop
4. Scan your boarding pass
5. Place your check-in bags/ luggage on the machine (to get weighted and scanned)
6. If your luggage is big, no need to put in the tray
7. Stickers for the luggage tag gets printed out, attached it to your bag, ensure the barcode are facing upwards
8. The machines scans your bag, if it sees multiple stickers/barcodes it will reject it (so ensure to remove those old stickers or erase the barcodes with a marker just like the Qantas personnel did)
9. If it has some batteries, power bank inside the bag, it will also detect it and won’t go thru
10. Press ok again, and move away from the machine- and your done