Benefits of Mobile Charging Stations for Your Store in NYC

benefits of mobile charging kiosk

Adding a mobile charging kiosk in your store can provide you with numerous benefits in New York. For one, it increases foot traffic and dwell time, and is a great way to attract more customers. It may even increase sales by bringing in a new revenue stream. In addition, your customers will appreciate the convenience of having an onsite charging station and will be more likely to return. Here are some of the most notable benefits of a mobile charging kiosk in your store.

Increase foot traffic

A kiosk for mobile phones charging is a convenient way to draw more foot traffic to a store. These devices can be located inside or outside the store, and feature a vinyl wrap for displaying your desired message. Additionally, they can be used to promote current items and offers at your business. By adding a charging station to your store, you will be able to draw more customers in and boost sales. Listed below are some of the benefits of mobile charging stations.

A modern stock control system tracks sales and product movements, giving you insights into slow-moving products and top sellers. With this data, you can make purchasing decisions based on real-time data. To increase foot traffic, you can host events at your store, hold contests, or give incentives to existing customers to invite friends and family. Then, offer services and collect mobile phone numbers from these events to keep track of how many people visit your store.

Increase dwell time

MobileQubes’ recharge and refresh booths are a great way to increase dwell time by offering a superior customer experience and an amenity that is much needed. Not only will this offer keep customers happy, but it will help to reduce battery anxiety, which has been proven to decrease customer spend. Additionally, charging stations are great for displaying important meeting messages or new product announcements. These kiosks are also hardware agnostic and work with 95% of all mobile phones currently on the market.

While mobile charging kiosks typically offer free wireless charging, they can be costly and have limited space. This is why you should consider the possibility of using a digital signage solution to manage your advertising campaigns. It can allow you to remotely manage your ads and provide proof-of-play reporting to measure how long customers stay around your kiosk. If you want to add even more convenience to your business, you can use mobile location data to power your mobile charging kiosk.

Increase sales

Installing a mobile charging kiosk at your business can boost your sales. Customers leave their cell phones in these charging stations and spend two and a half times as much time in your store. Using these stations also increases customer retention and brand loyalty. With 84% of consumers using their cell phones in stores, charging kiosks can become an expected part of a store. They are also a great marketing opportunity. Here are some ways you can make your mobile charging kiosk a profitable business investment.

First of all, you should look into the location. If your mobile charging kiosk is located at a popular place such as a coffee shop or restaurant, it will be easy for customers to use it. Second, they can easily charge their cell phones while playing games or chatting. You can also consider deploying your mobile charging kiosk at bus shelters to encourage people to buy smart phones. The more people use smart devices, the more they need to charge them.

Improve communication

With the help of a mobile patient portal, healthcare providers can make important patient information readily available to their patients. However, these services are only effective if the patient’s mobile devices are always charged. Mobile charging kiosks can improve the communication environment in hospitals by strategically placing charging stations. The following are a few benefits of mobile charging kiosks. These services can improve the overall patient experience and satisfaction. In addition, they can help hospitals achieve greener practices.